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The Law School Admission Council recently awarded Saint Louis University School of Law a grant to host a Law School Admissions Council’s (LSAC) Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program for 30 students in June 2017.

CLICK HERE for our new webpage and for more information about the Program

What is it?

PLUS programs are targeted, but not restricted, to students from racial and ethnic minority groups underrepresented in the legal profession. Designed primarily for students in the first two years of college, PLUS programs provide an intense focus on the skills required to succeed in law school, the law school admission process, and legal career opportunities.

PLUS Program Curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Criminal Law and Legal Writing: A hybrid course that combines two traditional law school courses and is intended to expose students to both doctrinal course offerings and legal writing.
  • The Practice of Law and Social Change: This course exposes students to the practice of law as well as the legal principles and concepts of social change.
  • Introduction to the LSAT
  • Transition to the Legal Profession: This component will focus on the skills needed to successfully transition from college to law school and the legal professional.   
  • The PLUS program will also include fun and interesting opportunities for students to visit courts and law offices, meet various legal professionals and participate in service projects.  

Who should apply?

The SLU Law PLUS Program is seeking students who demonstrate an interest in social justice and social change, have an interest in attending law school, want to gain a broader appreciation for the practice of law, and seek guidance in navigating the law school process. Students with any or all of these qualities are encouraged to apply.

How to apply?

To apply students should complete an online application and respond to two short essays about the student, their background, and their interest in law school as well as the PLUS Program. Transcripts and recommendation letters are also required. Interested students should CLICK HERE to apply.

What does it cost?

No application fees or tuition costs. The PLUS program is supported by a generous grant from LSAC’s

The PLUS program will provide each student with:

  • A stipend of $1,000
  • Housing
  • Reimbursement for travel costs of up to $200
  • Some meals and local travel

About SLU Law

PLUS students benefit from the School of Law’s rich history that includes strong connections to the community and a long tradition of public service. SLU LAW’s location in the heart of the City of St. Louis, offers students unparalleled access to leading law firms, corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations, and a unique opportunity to see the law in action.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

DePaul University College of Law is hosting LegalTrek this summer in collaboration with the Chicago Committee for Minorities in Law Firms. Students will participate in classroom lessons, and in a variety of exercises including: a mock jury trial, a simulated client negotiation, a moot court appellate argument, a client interview and much more. Students will be assigned an attorney mentor from one of Chicago’s top law firms or corporate legal departments. The LegalTrek course content will help students understand the role of the law and lawyers in our society, the different kinds of lawyers and what they do, and successful strategies for applying to law school. Applications are due Feb. 28. For more details and application materials visit


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