Inside Cincinnati Law (J-Term)

The Inside Cincinnati Law program is a two-week Winter Term experience that will expose students to the practice of law in government, private practice, and corporations in Cincinnati, Ohio. During these two weeks, students will hear from alumni guest speakers and others in the public and private sectors, gain insight into the practice of law through shadowing experiences, and learn more about law school through law school visits and tours.

Week 1 (January 12-16). Guest Speaker Presentations. Students will meet with various alumni and other practitioners who work in government, law firms, and corporations. Each speaker will instruct students on a specific legal topic or area of law (such topics may include health law, media law, municipal law, products liability law, sports law, etc.).

Week 2 (January 20-23). Shadowing Experiences. Students will participate in two (2) shadowing experiences, each lasting two days. The first shadowing experience will be in a legal employment environment, which will provide students with the opportunity to observe the practice of law. In the second two-day session, students will tour area law schools and visit witcurrent law students and admissions representatives. These tours and visits will include sitting in on law school classes and shadowing law students. Students will learn what law school might be like and hear more about the law school admission process.

Students will receive three (3) academic credits for the successful completion of the program.

If interested in this program, please complete the application (attached) and return it to the Pre-Law office no later than OCTOBER 31ST! If you have questions, please email Maria Vitullo.

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