Legal Specialist Internship

~~To apply for this job, please go to Miami Career Link website~~

Towneez Inc., a tech start-up company located in Orlando, Florida, is in need of a part-time Legal Specialist (this position may grow into the position of Operations Manager). This is a telecommuting position and does not require travel.  Work hours and meetings are flexible and are scheduled around class commitments.


As Legal Specialist, you will be responsible for:

  • Working with Management of Towneez, Inc., appropriate legal entities, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office to identify all trademarks, patents, domain names, and copyrights that need to be protected
  • Special projects as needed to ensure organization runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible

Skills Needed:

  • Exceptional communication skills and attention to detail
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Be comfortable with legal jargon
  • Ambitious
  • Strong work ethic
  • Be comfortable working without supervision
  • Class in Intellectual Property Law/Rights helpful

All candidates must sign an NDA prior to job interview.

Base Pay:  $10-$15/hour

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