Pre-Law Related Organizations

It’s not too late to get involved at Miami. The Pre-Law department would like to highlight 2 organizations activities occurring this week:

Mock Trial: Information Session is Tuesday at 6pm in FSB 1035. Tryouts will be the next night (Wednesday, September 3rd) in FSB 1035.

Amicus-Curiae: First general body meeting is Wednesday September 3rd at 6pm in UPH 02. 

Practice LSAT

There will be a practice LSAT next Saturday, September 6th from 8am-11am in FSB 1006. It is free to students and is great practice for seniors who are taking the September LSAT or to Juniors who want to get a feel for what the exam is like. In order to take the practice LSAT, you must register here

New Pre-Law Related Class

Looking for another class to add for this upcoming fall semester? If so, consider taking HST 290K: American Law and the Constitution. This class is taught by Dr. Aaron Cavin on WF 11:30-12:50. 

Course description: The law shapes virtually every aspect of our lives – the foods we eat, the ways we communicate, the families we make. Yet, in spite of the ubiquity of the law, it is often invisible. We don’t often think consciously of the law, question its assumptions, or analyze its effects. In this course, we will investigate the surprising histories of America’s incredibly powerful legal institutions, from the roots of the American legal tradition to debates over the meaning of the Constitution to the increasing power of the Supreme Court. As we explore the evolution of law in American life, we will use historical study to understand a number of legal controversies before us today, including same-sex marriage and the role of law during wartime.

Good Luck on the LSAT Tomorrow

The Pre-Law Program wishes everyone taking the LSAT tomorrow the best of luck! Remember these tips and tricks while taking the test tomorrow:

– Don’t forget your admission ticket and form of identification!

– Tip: bring a watch so you can keep track of time

– Bring a small snack and water with you to keep you energized

– Get lots of sleep the night before! 

“Applying to Law School” Seminar for Juniors

Don’t forget that this Wednesday (April 2nd) from 4-6 PM in UPH 226 is the “Applying to Law School” Seminar for Juniors. The seminar will cover topics like:

  • Law School Resumes
  • Personal Statement Basics
  • How to Research Law Schools and Prepare a Law School List.
  • Learn about Miami’s PLW 401,  a fall sprint class designed to assist seniors through the application process. 

To sign up, go here 

If you have any questions, e-mail